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Types of Residential Heat Sources

Heating systems are most needed by the people who live in the icy areas. It is difficult to decide whether you are going to maintain the current heating system in your home or you are going to get a different one. It is therefore important to know the options that you have. You can choose from the following listed sources.

One of the major sources of heat that can be used in homes are the furnaces. There are several types of furnaces that you can choose from. A furnace is a device that lets air in the house through a number of vents. The air that enters the home is heated. The same system circulates the filtered and warmed air by use of a blower. The furnace uses energy from either gas or electricity. The furnaces can also be modified in a way that wool or coal power them. The best furnace is the one with a fan that has an adjustable speed. The advantage of the furnaces whose speed can be adjusted is that they save energy.

Homeowners can also use heat pumps to heat their homes. You can choose to either use the ground source or the air source heat pumps. The two types of heat pumps apply different principles. The air source heat pump unit use the warm outer air as a main source of heat and also provides additional heat if required. These types of heat pumps are only appropriate for the mild and warm areas. Air source heat pumps can heat and also cool the air.

Another name for the ground source heat pumps is the geothermal heat pumps. These types of pumps use the heat that is in the underground to make the house warm. Using the underground heat the house is made warm. Ground heat sources are not common in homes. What most people do not understand is that it saves a lot of energy.

Radiant heat can also be a source of heat in homes. Radiant heat is extracted from radiant baseboard heat, radiant ceilings and hydronic systems. Coil of wire in the baseboard heat metals is often heated and thus projects heat into the room. Each of the unit is self-controlled with an individual thermostat. These units do not show how hot or cold the house is. The temperatures of the room will determine whether you will use the heating unit as the primary or the secondary source of heat. The hydronic systems use heated water that is pushed through a piping system to provide heat throughout the home.

Another source of heat in homes are the space heaters. The space heaters warms the temperatures of particular rooms of the house using little energy.

Seek the services of a heating system expert before you purchase the unit.

The Best Advice on Electric I’ve found

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