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When it comes to your tax preparation, one of the best techniques is getting organized with the use of tax preparation checklist, so you can check what you need in the future and for you to see what you’ve already done. If you need help with your tax preparation, you can obtain help in various ways, like what is offered by IRS through their Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) and Tax Assistance (VITA). You’ll also find software programs that can help in preparing and filing your tax return. It is also best to hire a tax professional or CPA if you need one-on-one or personal tax preparation assistance.

In order to help ensure the accuracy of your tax return, it is best to review it at least three times, so you feel confident in your decisions. Check all personal information to ensure they are correct, most especially Social Security numbers. Tax preparation does not always begin the day you feel you want to file your tax return, you should be ready all year round. You are only putting yourself in a vulnerable position if you wait until April just to organize your finances. It becomes a lot easier to be prepared with your tax return by giving yourself sufficient time before your deadlines, most especially if you owe local or state taxes and you make quarterly estimated tax payments. Know your overall goal of your tax preparation checklist. By using a checklist, you may find items that you may have missed as well as those you have already accounted in the past.

Your personal information for your tax preparation checklist should include your social security number (SSN), your spouse’s social security number (if married), and your dependents’ Social Security Numbers. For the income adjustments’ tax preparation checklist, you need to check for any adjustments in your home buyer tax credit, student loan interest deduction, medical savings’ account or MSA contributions, green energy tax credits, IRA contributions, mortgage interest tax deduction, self-employed health insurance, and job-related moving expenses.

For your different expenses, there are many tax deductions and tax credits to help lower the amount of tax you need to pay. When it comes to credits and deductions’ preparation checklist, it may include casualty and theft losses, qualified business expenses, medical expenses, education costs, childcare costs, adoption costs, charitable contributions or donations, and home office expenses. You have to provide your bank account number and your bank’s routing numbers if you want your tax refund directly deposited into your bank account. Come and check our website or homepage now so Sunnyvale tax preparation can help you, for a hassle-free and stress-free tax return filing and preparation.

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